Is the Outdoor Queue Stanchion easy to shift?

Friends who often use the outdoor queue stanchion will definitely encounter this kind of thing. The neatly placed railing seats will always shift after a day's use, and even skew seriously.


Why does this happen? There are mainly two reasons.


One is because the quality of the outdoor queue stanchion itself is not good, especially the chassis is not heavy enough, so it will shift with a slight touch, and it will be easier to tilt if the quality is poor.


The second reason is that the flow of people is too large and too crowded can easily cause the outdoor queue stanchion to shift.

 outdoor queue stanchion

how to solve this problem? There are also two methods.


The first one, if it is the quality of outdoor queue stanchion, then you can choose a good-quality outdoor queue stanchion. You should buy the one with a chassis weight of at least 6.5KG. Pay attention to the thickness of the pipe, so that it is not easy to cause tilt.


The second method is to directly fix the chassis. You can choose an outdoor queue stanchion with a magnet holder directly.