What kind of stackable queue stanchion is more suitable?

Many friends are entangled when choosing a stackable queue stanchion, whether they choose stainless steel? Or PVC? What is the difference between baking varnish, mirror surface and plastic spraying?


In terms of materials, stainless steel and PVC are generally available on the market.


Some construction occasions have clearly stated that electrostatic spraying technology must be used. After electrostatic spraying, the workpiece can achieve a certain special appearance effect, such as various wood grains, patterns, and brightness.

 stackable queue stanchion

You can choose the railing seat suitable for your shop, company and other places based on the above answers.


If you do not use it frequently or frequently, you can consider the beautiful and fashionable PVC railing seat, which is available in a variety of colors and is affordable.


If it is used for a long time, choose based on indoor and outdoor use. Indoors can choose stackable queue stanchions with baking paint, which is more atmospheric and stable. Outdoors can choose more anti-corrosive and wear-resistant mirror-polished stainless steel railing seats, which are hard and more atmospheric.