What kind of retractable belt barrier is good?

Retractable Belt Barriers are very common in our lives. Banks, hotels, stations, exhibitions, squares, municipal administration. However, you may not have paid attention to these details. For example, some brands of retractable belt barriers are made of low-quality steel pipes, which are easy to rust and are not firmly placed.


The retractable belt is easy to break, and it is dangerous when the speed is too fast when contracting. The base is made of inferior cement, which is not of good quality, easy to knock over, and unsafe to place. When using these products, all kinds of insecurity are lurking around you. In order to make the use of the retractable belt barrier safer, more durable, more intimate, safe and secure, it is urgent to choose a good retractable belt barrier.

 Retractable Belt Barrier

So, what kind of retractable belt barrier is a good retractable belt barrier?


1: The pipe is made of 1.0mm high-quality super-thick stainless steel pipe, which is durable, corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant.


2: The spring must be durable. German-derived industrial products are known for their "quality + rigor". The lever seat using spring imported from Germany is durable and has a longer life.


3: To shrink, use the retractable belt barrier of the shaft-type telescopic head SEB buffer system safely, so that the elastic belt has a uniform rebound speed, and the contraction speed is half slower than the traditional telescopic belt, avoiding accidental injuries caused by the telescopic head swinging. This design is quite humane. .


4: The drawstring should be wear-resistant. The drawstring made of imported nylon material has high strength and is not easily deformed when stretched.


5: The base should be stable. The base of the retractable belt barrier is composed of three parts: a bell, a counterweight and a rubber mute ring. The surface of the bell plate can be treated with various surface treatments to achieve different effects; the counterweight plate adopts galvanized plate to encapsulate the cement, which is more stable; the rubber ring at the bottom can avoid friction noise when moving.


6: Customization needs to be customized. On the pull strap of the personalized retractable belt barrier and the retractable head whiteboard, exclusive LOGO and text can be printed, and the brand image can be created in one step.